Deep Cleaning: The Bathroom

It is important to keep your bathroom neat and tidy as well as routinely quick clean it, this is a great practice and goes a long way in maintaining the overall sanitation of the room. The bathroom is typically one of the rooms in your home that is in most need of specialized treatment in… Read more »

Curtains: Home Cleaning vs. Professional Cleaning

Curtains form an important part of your home, framing the windows, they create a decor aesthetic that contributes to beauty of your living areas. As much as curtains add to the decor of your home, they are like any other item in the home and require detailed care, without proper attention they can host dust… Read more »

Who’s washing your clothes?

In recent years Nairobi has quickly become one of Africa‚Äôs style meccas, men and women step out looking good and are always searching for the best way to represent their fashion sense. In the search for that great outfit you always consider some key things; does it suit your image, will it complement your style… Read more »

Delicate home fabrics and how to clean them

It is always important to choose fabrics that reflect your personal style and the feel you want for your living space, these go a long way in adding softness and comfort to your home. It is therefore essential to think about your lifestyle when making fabric choices; if your family loves snacking while watching movies,… Read more »

Upholstery Cleaning Tips – Your Sofa

You just moved into your new apartment, beautiful space and a great neighbourhood to boot. Now that you have made this huge step you get excited, finally you can make it your own. Slowly you begin to furnish buying pieces at a time, trying to get everything just perfect to turn a house into a… Read more »

Upholstery Cleaning – Your Mattress

What to look for in your mattress The first step to a great night of sleep comes with investment in comfortable upholstery and surroundings to relax you enough for a luxuriously restful night. What do you look for in a great mattress? The most important factor for a correct mattress is proper support; you need… Read more »

Are you sleeping enough?

Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together. What is sleep and why should it hold significant importance to you?Sleep refers to a recurring state of mind and body characterized by altered consciousness, relatively inhibited sensory activity, inhibition of voluntary muscles and reduced interactions with surroundings. For mammals, sleep occurs in… Read more »

Pick & Drop Laundry Services in Nairobi

People in Nairobi, Kenya, today lead active and engaging lifestyles. They are always busy, from building their future, making time for family and going through the motions of daily life. With all these responsibilities and activities, you hardly have any time left and anything to make life your life and work easier is most welcome…. Read more »

Professional moving companies in Kenya

While a change of scenery can be exciting, a major move is almost always expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. As your big move approaches and you survey your prized possessions, you ask yourself, “How am I going to get all of my furniture and things from Point A to Point B?” There are options you can… Read more »

Flooring Options: Carpets

Your home is a haven of serenity and creating a living space that is inviting is the pride of any home owner. A great addition to any home is the chance to experience the soft warmth and welcoming nature of a soft spot for your feet. Carpeting makes a home serene and with a plethora… Read more »

Deep Cleaning: The Kitchen

The kitchen is known as the heart of a home, preparation of daily meals, people in and out of the room can take its toll on the overall cleanliness of your kitchen and the appliances in it. Since it is central to all the foods your family ingests it is important that it remains clean… Read more »

Why housecleaning services are important

Every individual dreams of owning their own home, it gives a feeling of security and allows for building on ones future while representing your style and passion. The home is a great place to share love and laughter with family and friends; it should be a source of comfort and warmth. It is therefore important… Read more »