Vehicle Upholstery Cleaning in Nairobi

Isamado Homecare will get rid of dirt, stains and odors while protecting your vehicle’s interior.

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Our technicians will analyze the materials used in your vehicle and use the safest and most effective cleaning method possible.

Has your vehicle’s interior lost its sparkle? This is because whenever you have cleaned your vehicle, you have concentrated on the outside without much effort on the insideseats and other interior parts – the upholstery. But we understand – few companies here in Nairobi, Kenya offer quality upholstery care or interior detailing. Clean vehicle upholstery is very important for your health, dignity and comfortable driving. Isamado Homecare will clean your vehicle upholstery (seats and other interior parts) by getting rid of stains and odors while protecting your vehicle’s delicate fabric. We remove allergens that cause sneezing and allergic reactions thus helping make every journey a memorable experience – whether driving within Nairobi or exploring Kenya. 

Our experienced technicians will analyze the materials and use the safest and most effective car interior cleaning methods. This is necessary because various materials used in car seat upholstery such as vinyl, alcantara, leather, polyester and natural fiber need special care and suitable cleaning techniques. Contact us for quality car interior cleaning (interior detailing) in Nairobi, Kenya. We use the best cleaning solutions, techniques, and equipment to professionally clean your valued vehicle interior. Trust us to give your car the freshness you deserve in just a few hours – we give you back your car dry and fresh. Our car upholstery cleaning (interior detailing) service here in Nairobi, Kenya includes:

  • Vehicle seat dust removal.
  • Car stain removal
  • Car odor removal
  • Special material treatment
  • Deep dustdown cleaning

Deep dust-down cleaning: In some cases, your vehicle seat upholstery may look dusty yet is still in fairly good condition courtesy of the frequest dusty conditions in Nairobi, Kenya. Instead of full professional cleaning, you can go for dust-down care. This entails a deep vacuum cleaning process that gets rid of dry soil contaminants like dust and dander. Your vehicle gets the needed glamour at a very affordable price.

Pricing Table
VehiclePrice (KSH)
Saloon Car3900
SUV / Double Cabin pickup5000
Van / Tour Van7000
Mini Bus10000
Large Bus24000
Aircraft (per seat)1000
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Reasons why Isamado is your best choice for vehicle interior cleaning in Nairobi
No Soaking

Isamado Homecare removes dust, allergens, dirt, and stains from your vehicle without soaking.

Leather Care

We restore the glossiness of leather car seats. We polish using the best products on the market.

Rapid Drying

No dampness and odors after cleaning. We employ rapid drying techniques.

Specialized Equipment

We don’t use brushes; we use the latest machine cleaning technology to protect your car interior.