Cleaning Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel metal is a versatile material that offers resistance to corrosion, strength and good pricing. Being a material that is easily welded to form a wide range of shapes, it is preferred by most designers for structural application. Not only is it widely preferred by designers, most homeowners love stainless steel home appliances as… Read more »

Pest Control – Rodents

Rodents comprise of rats and mice, they are warm bodied animals with oversized front teeth that enable them to gnaw and chew. These rapid breeders are highly destructive, transmit diseases and are capable of squeezing through very small spaces. They posit a huge problem for home owners everywhere and there are ways to help prevent… Read more »

How to choose the right child caregiver

Children are a great source of joy to any parents and the matter of finding a suitable individual to care for them is often a sensitive and precarious process and is a gravely important decision. Your choice of caregiver may include duties as far as house chores from cleaning and washing alongside taking care of… Read more »

Steps to deal with an ant infestation in your home

Ants are common insects, with more than 10,000 known species around the world. They are also found in large colonies of up to 500,000. They resemble termites and the two are often confused; ants have a narrow ‘waist’ between their abdomen and thorax that termites do not, they also have much larger heads, elbowed antennae… Read more »

Home Security Tips

It is of great importance in these modern times for each individual to look into their safety and security especially in their homes. There are several ways to improve your safety and security as a home owner and this article will further explore tips you can make use of to stay safe.

Food for thought – Why the age of ‘kalongolongo’ was much better than the new i-age

Ok this is bound to create a lot of controversy amongst you readers but it is with valid reasons that I point this out. Consider it something to think about. If you are Kenyan you know what the word with the single inverted commas means. In other backyards it may be called something different but… Read more »

Caring for your garden

Many homeowners would love to have their own garden space; be it small or be it to a large scale, flowers or crop farming. From kitchen gardens, basic flower gardening to larger scale farming read on for simple everyday tips on maintenance of your greenery.

Five multi-purpose kitchen components

Sometimes in a bid to keep the home clean we resort to buying and trying out all the detergents and miracle solutions that promise unbelievable results. Well, forget those and go green; thereare so many kitchen ingredients you can use for cleaning the home and more. We will look at five main ingredients you should… Read more »

Allergy control during the cold season

During the cold, rainy seasons, most people who have dry season allergies (especially pollen and dust allergies) breathe a sigh of relief as they look forward to an allergy free month at the very least. Allergies do not simply vanish with the dry season however and as a result, we still have to contend with what… Read more »

How to keep your toilets dazzling white all year round

Think of the five star hotel you have been to….I don’t know about you but I usually wish I could stay in the toilet forever just sitting and taking in the purity exuded by the whiteness. Oh well, sooner or later you have to check out and get back to your own toilet at home… Read more »

Pest Control – How to keep spiders out of your home

There are many types of pests that invade the home. Some are rodents, others are insects and others are Araneae like spiders. Spiders are interesting to read about, look at in museums or even learn about on the discovery channel but there is nothing even remotely interesting about spiders lurking about in your living space…. Read more »

How to keep your jeans looking great for longer

If there is one thing everyone has in their wardrobe it is a pair of jeans. Jeans are trendy additions to any wardrobe and they work great for both men and women. The best thing about jeans is they can be used for a casual look and an official look. If you wake up and… Read more »