Nairobi Mattress Cleaning Services

Isamado’s mattress cleaning service is for homes and institutions with mattresses that have been used for some time and need deep cleaning.

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Contact us for quality mattress cleaning in Nairobi, Kenya.

We spend up to a third of our lives on our mattress. A good night’s sleep lets you wake up refreshed, ready to face the day despite the hectic schedules here in Nairobi, Kenya. We encourage you to Live Life, Hassle Free by investing in a good bed and quality mattress, that makes your bedroom evoke the deepest feelings of comfort, warmth, and relaxation [😌😌]. We encourage you to have an active dream life!  And to #LiveYourDreams  #FindYourPurpose  #LiveFree

To enable you achieve this here in Nairobi, Kenya, Isamado Homecare will support you to maintain the cleanliness and coziness of your bedroom. We do this by deep cleaning your mattress without soaking and drying it same day. Do also let us know if you would like us to clean your bed, beddings such as duvets and blankets, and bedroom curtains.

While visible stains, odors, and dirt accumulated over months or years of use are obvious reasons to get your mattress cleaned, there are also unseen problems for which you need to clean your mattress such as dust mites. Dust mites cause sleep problems by wreaking havoc on your respiratory system, more so if you have allergies or asthma which are not uncommon here in Nairobi, Kenya. Isamado’s mattress cleaning service is for homes and institutions in Nairobi, Kenya with mattresses i.e. hotels, school/education centers, universities, hospitals, and any other premises that have boarding facilities.

Call us today and we will restore the coziness and ambiance of your bedroom. There are two options for mattress cleaning: (1) We clean your mattress on-site at your home or office; or (2) We pick your mattress (and curtains if you request) and clean them at our workshop, and deliver back to you within 72 hours. Simply call us or request a quote via email using the form below letting us know your preferred option. Both options cost the same. #LiveYourDreams

Pricing Table
Item / Mattress SizePrice (KSH)
3' by 6' Mattress2000
4' by 6' Mattress2500
5' by 6' Mattress3000
6' by 6' Mattress3500
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Reasons why Isamado is your best choice for mattress cleaning in Nairobi
Hassle Free

Isamado can either clean the mattress at your place or pick it up, clean and deliver back.

No Soaking

We remove allergens, dirt, stains and odors from mattresses without soaking and employ rapid drying. No dampness.

Fabric Care

We preserve your mattress fabric by using the latest machine cleaning technology.


We use superior non-irritant eco-friendly cleaning products to clean your mattress.