Carpet Cleaning in Nairobi

Isamado Homecare will clean your carpets using the best cleaning solutions and equipment.

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Your carpet can make or break the quality and look of your home. Entrust its care to someone who will get the job done right.

Have you made your home or institution cozy & warm with carpets? Whether it is for your home, office, education center, restaurant or hotel, spa or sports club, or church, we know that keeping your carpets clean, in good condition and maintaining glossiness is not an easy task. Because here in Nairobi, Kenya, during the wet season, you have to grapple with ‘matope‘ or mud – yet that is when you need the carpet most in order to keep warm. And during the dry season, you have to grapple with ‘vumbi‘ or dust.  #BeSmart  #DontHassle Based on our experience serving clients here in Nairobi, Kenya, there are various types of carpets in use such as cut pile, level loop pile, cut and loop pile, multi level loop pile, jute, and woolen carpets. These types of carpets require different cleaning methods. For whichever type of carpet you chose for your home or institution, Isamado Homecare Company will use the best equipment and cleaning methods to clean, shampoo, and restore its glossiness, despite the often dusty or muddy conditions here in Nairobi, Kenya. We have since 2012 perfected the use of Super-Soft Care technology through which we remove all dirt and then shampoo your precious carpet without soaking or damaging its fibers. Isamado Homecare Company staff will be glad to provide you with Super-Soft Care for your carpet here in Nairobi, Kenya, including the following:

  • Professional vacuuming
  • Professional carpet cleaning:
    • Pre-spotting and stain removal
    • Pre-conditioning to provide optimal soil suspension
    • Pre-grooming heavily soiled traffic areas to optimize deep cleaning
    • Deep carpet cleaning using products that are baby and environment friendly
    • Water extraction that leaves your carpet’s PH balanced, clean and soft
    • Carpet grooming to set pile and further assist with drying time.
    • Odor removal

Call us today and we will restore the coziness of your home or office within a few hours. There are two options for carpet cleaning: (1) We clean your carpets on-site at your home or office; or (2) We pick your carpets (except wall to wall fixed carpets), clean them at our workshop, and deliver them back to you within 72 hours. Simply call us or request a quote via email using the form below letting us know your preferred option. Both options cost the same. #CozyHome  #LiveFree 

Pricing Table
CarpetPrice per Square Foot (KSH)Price per Square Metre (KSH)
Non fluffy carpets - movable or wall to wall20216
Loose carpets (Depending on fluffiness)23248
Jute and Woolen Carpets35377
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Reasons why Isamado is your best choice for carpet cleaning in Nairobi
Hassle Free

Home pick up and delivery of carpets provided in Nairobi.

No Soaking

We remove dust, dirt & allergens without soaking.

Rapid Drying

Our rapid drying technique ensures no dampness.

Eco Friendly Products

We use superior eco-friendly carpet shampoo to freshen your carpet.