Nairobi Commercial Laundry Services

We will collect your laundry, hygienically clean it, and deliver it back to you freshly cleaned, ironed and nicely packaged.

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At Isamado, we use advanced laundry care protocols and high quality detergents and fabric softeners to protect your laundry and prolong its life, saving costs for your business.

Do you run a Hospital, Hotel, Sports Club, SpaManufacturing Factory or other type of institution in Nairobi, Kenya or within 50 Kms of Nairobi? Isamado Laundry Services is ready to support you maintain hygiene and a professional look by taking care of your laundry. This will enable you concentrate on your core business while controlling operating costs e.g. if you run a hospital or hotel, spend your precious time and energy on getting and keeping your clients happy through excellent marketing and service delivery. Leave the worries about laundry to us and focus on growing your business.

We will collect your laundry, hygienically clean it using water-based laundry machines, and deliver it back to you ironed and professionally packaged here in Nairobi, Kenya. At Isamado Laundry Services, we use advanced laundry care protocols and high quality washing detergents and fabric softeners to protect your laundry and prolong its life, helping you save costs for your valued business. We have solutions to remove diverse range of stains and dirt. We offer a comprehensive range of laundry services which include: beddings (blankets, pillowcases, bed-sheets); dust coats;  overalls & aprons; staff uniforms; towels;  curtains & drapers; mattresses; table clothes & napkins; and mosquito nets. (We do treat mosquito nets with insecticide upon request).

Below are three commercial laundry services that we have specialized in:

  1. Hospital Laundry Management: we provide this laundry service through two options:
    • Pick and drop of laundry to & from your hospital in Nairobi, Kenya. We are currently serving several hospitals in Nairobi using this model. 
    • You can outsource the management of your hospital laundry department to us. This applies if you have a laundry department but are concerned with the costs as well as effort and time it drains from the management team yet laundry is not your core business.
  2. Hotel, Sports Club, and Spa Laundry Management: We enable you to focus on your core business of wowing your customerswhile controlling operating costs:
    • If you own a Hotel, Sports Club, or Spa here in Nairobi, Kenya, trust us to take care of all your Laundry Management needs through the Isamado pick and drop laundry service! The Operations Manager in a hotel that we are currently providing laundry services to was pleasantly amazed by how the look and feel of the beddings and towels drastically improved within a few days of being cleaned at our workshop. Give us a call or send us an inquiry today and we will negotiate with you a value for money hotel laundry management service package.
    • You can also outsource your entire Hotel/Sports Club/ Spa Housekeeping Services, whereby we provide all housekeeping staff and pay them, and manage quality standards based on your specifications, leaving you to concentrate on providing the best possible service to your valued clients. Give us a call or send us an inquiry and we will put together a value for money housekeeping service package tailored to your unique business needs.
  3. Apartment Laundry Management: we provide this as a value adding service through two options:
    • If you own or manage furnished or unfurnished apartments, we provide affordable and convenient pick and drop laundry services thus enhancing the value of your apartments.
    • If you are developing or managing furnished or unfurnished apartments here in Nairobi, Kenya, you can add value by including a laundry space at the ground floor. Then Isamado Homecare will manage that laundry for you thus enhance the value and return on investment for your apartment. This makes a difference in the increasingly competitive real estate market where clients are looking for value!

You can choose between two pricing options when making your commercial laundry services orders: Per Kg pricing, or Per Item pricing. Our prices are negotiable. Leave your worries about laundry to us …. so that you can have time for what really matters to your business, here in Nairobi, Kenya.

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Reasons why Isamado is the best choice for commercial laundry in Nairobi
Hassle Free

Laundry pick up and delivery provided in Nairobi

Machine cleaning

Excellent pre-spotting followed by water-based machine cleaning.

Ironing and packaging

Laundry neatly ironed, packaged, and brought to you clean and fresh.


We use superior eco-friendly laundry detergent and softeners.