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We use carefully selected cleaning solutions, techniques, and equipment to professionally clean your home or apartment.

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You deserve a clean and cozy haven, for you and your family...for your health and wellness.

Isamado Homecare Company will gladly clean your home or apartment to ensure that after a day’s work you get back to a cozy haven – we inspire happiness [☺☺]. This also applies when you are moving into a new home – move without stress by getting Isamado Homecare Company Staff to clean your new home before or after your move, here in Nairobi, Kenya. We use carefully selected cleaning solutions, techniques, and equipment to professionally clean your home or apartment. #LiveFree  #DontHassle  #CozyHome In order to ensure each cleaning job is delivered to the highest possible standards, Isamado Homecare Company applies a Full Cycle Quality Assurance and Improvement System (FCQAIS) that we have developed and perfected since 2012 here in Nairobi, Kenya. This enables the home cleaning company to manage quality through all stages of the cleaning service. Specifically we track and manage quality at receipt of order, cleaning process, and order closure. Isamado Homecare Company’s supervisors rely on this system to ensure each cleaning service provided to our clients meets set standards.   Our team of detail oriented technicians will analyze the type of floor your house is made of and use the safest and most effective cleaning method possible. This is important because various types of flooring require different treatment i.e wood, ceramic, terrazzo, concrete, marble, laminate, vinyl etc – each needs special care and suitable cleaning techniques.  Trust us to give your home or apartment in Nairobi, Kenya the freshness you deserve in just a few hours. You can call Isamado Homecare Company for a one off cleaning service, or you can also contract us for regular cleaning services e.g. once a week or once a month – whichever suits you.  Our apartment and home cleaning service in Nairobi, Kenya covers the elements listed below, for all the rooms and spaces of your home: 

  • Wall and Floor Cleaning: Floors and walls are cleaned and where necessary machine buffed to ensure they have a uniform, glossy appearance and are free from dirt, grit, debris, dust, scuff marks, other stains, removable discoloration, and foreign matter. Furniture and other movable items are moved to maintain floors underneath them, and then returned to their original locations.
  • Kitchen Cleaning: We ensure appliances such as cookers, refrigerators, freezers, and microwaves are cleaned and disinfected. We will clean and sanitize kitchen counter tops, shelves, cabinets, and sinks. We then clean the entire kitchen floor surface and walls to ensure your kitchen is free from from dirt, dust, debris, scum, mildew, and other residue.
  • Toilet and bathroom cleaning: Surfaces of sinks, toilet bowls, showers, tubs, plumbing fixtures, doors, walls, mirrors and other such surfaces shall be cleaned with a germicidal detergent. We will clean the bathroom floor and wall surface to ensure it is free from dirt, dust, debris, scum, mildew, and residue. Tiled floors will be machine buffed. After cleaning, bathrooms will be free of deposits, dirt, streaks, and odors.
  • Mirrors & glass cleaning: We clean all interior glass, including glass in doors, walls, display cases, bathrooms and furniture. After glass cleaning there shall be no traces of fingerprints, film, dirt, smudges, water or other foreign matter.
  • Furniture Cleaning: Furniture (tables, seats, cupboards etc), light fixtures, and ceiling fans are cleaned and left free of dust, dirt, and debris.
  • Stairway Cleaning: Staircase floor surfaces are cleaned as appropriate for the type of floor covering. Grease and grime are removed from stair guards, handrails and baseboards. We remove all dirt, smudges and scuffs from your stairway.
  • Vacuum carpet cleaning: Carpeted areas are deeply vacuumed freeing them of all visible dirt, debris, litter, allergens, and removable stains. If the carpets are quite dirty, then we apply our Super-Soft Care technology to clean, shampoo and dry the carpet.
  • Window Cleaning: Window glass surfaces and curtain boxes are cleaned of all traces of dirt, smudges, water, cobwebs, and other foreign matter. When necessary, window screens removed, cleaned, and replaced.
  • Store Cleaning: Our home storage rooms are common places where pests breed; it is therefore important to keep the store room clean by; cleaning the walls and dusting the ceiling to remove any cobwebs; scrubbing the floor of the room and proper arrangement of stored items to ensure free flow of air. Proper storage eliminates dampness and keeps the room well lit which in turn keeps pests away.
  • Outdoor Cleaning: Isamado Homecare staff will ensure that your compound is cleaned. We clean by scrubbing the veranda and other outdoor areas depending on floor/surface type, discarding litter correctly and ensuring that all the drainage systems are unclogged.
  • Trash Removal: All trash and garbage from the cleaning process is removed from your home and disposed appropriately in line with Nairobi County waste disposal regulations.
  • Other parts/spaces: Every home is unique – our staff will clean any items and areas not listed above, based on your requirements. 

If you are a property manager or owner and you need the common areas of the apartment you manage kept clean, contact Isamado Homecare Company – we will be glad to work with you towards ensuring that common areas are kept spotlessly clean and well maintained for the comfort and safety of the residents thus increasing the value of your property. This will indeed give you a business edge in the increasingly competitive real estate market here in Nairobi, Kenya. We also offer after party cleaning, spring cleaning /one off deep cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning. For example, have you planned for a party such as home coming, birthday, graduation, baby shower, or wedding? Are you worried about the mess the party might leave behind? Isamado Homecare Company will gladly take care of your after party worries leaving your home clean and fresh again – thus transforming what would otherwise have been monday morning blues to a bright and jolly start of the week – who wants monday morning blues, as if the traffic jams of Nairobi, Kenya are not enough headache? #BeSmart  #DontHassle  You will love our home and apartment cleaning services – trust us to give your home the freshness you deserve in just a few hours, and begin to enjoy your stay in Nairobi, Kenya. #CozyHome

Pricing Table
Type of homePrice per Square Foot (KSH)Price per Square Metre (KSH)
Occupied Home12130
Vacant Home887
After Construction10108
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Why Isamado is your best choice for home cleaning in Nairobi

Our cleaning team is comprised of experienced supervisors, consultants and detail oriented technicians.

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Set dates and times. Get one off cleaning, or contract us for regular cleaning.

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We analyze each item and make use the safest equipment and most effective cleaning method possible.

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We use eco-friendly products and dispose of waste and trash appropriately.