Deep Cleaning: The Kitchen

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The kitchen is known as the heart of a home, preparation of daily meals, people in and out of the room can take its toll on the overall cleanliness of your kitchen and the appliances in it. Since it is central to all the foods your family ingests it is important that it remains clean and sterile for the safety of your household. Follow these tips on deep cleaning your kitchen to ensure a clean environment for food preparation and storage.

Kitchen Appliances

Daily preparation of foods in the kitchen can take its toll on appliances. Pay special attention to the fridge compartments, microwave interior, oven compartments, gas cooker plates, blenders, coffee maker pots and others as these are in use every day. Ensure to clean each item from top to bottom using warm soapy water, specialised cleaning detergents and cleaning tools that can be used for tough grease spots as well. While it is important to clean the appliances themselves, it is also important to clean the areas behind and under these as there may be untold messes lurking around these appliances.

Kitchen Cabinets

Over time, the grease and steam that rise into the air leave a film of grime on the kitchen cabinets. The first step is to clear out your kitchen cabinets of all utensils and rinse out and dry the utensils to get the musty dust smell out.

Cooking utensils

The pots and pans cupboard can become a jumbled mess if you’re not careful. Empty the cupboard and wipe out the interior to remove any debris and crumbs. Organize the utensils, pots and pans you have, placing each pot with its lid. Place the pieces you use the least in the far back of the cupboard and the pieces you use often in the front for easy access.

The pantry

Always check to see which pantry items are finished, which have expired and throw these containers away then clean the storage containers. Use some warm soapy water mixed in with cleaning detergent and clean the interior and exterior of the cabinets, using a smaller brush to get into the nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach. Rearrange the items into the drawers in a neat order.

The kitchen sink

Your sink collects grime and grease each time you wash the dishes, food items and kitchen rags in it. You can make use of kitchen ingredients such as baking soda or cleaning detergents; sprinkle generously over the sink surface and let it sit for a few minutes. Work the cleaner in with a damp cloth then rinse it away after another few minutes. To get rid of water spots you can use white vinegar, just wipe it over the surface to reveal a sparkling sink.

Kitchen counter tops

Counter tops are maintained through regular wiping and clearing, crumbs and debris hide under appliances and dishes. Clear the counter of all the items and wipe it down with warm soapy water then dry the surface. Once this is done, decide what items must be kept on the counter top, this would be items that you use every day or at least every other day; this is important as if not used these items will sit and gather unnecessary dust making your kitchen a bit harder to maintain.

The kitchen floor

Depending on the type of floor your kitchen has, you can mop or scrub the floor and especially giving attention to the corners and under the cabinets if they are lifted. This will ensure that there are no food crumps left on the floor that will attract cockroaches or even rats. Always ensure that the kitchen floor is clean and dry.

Cleaning your kitchen takes time and effort but it is an endeavour well worth the while.

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