Upholstery Cleaning Tips

Dust that settle on upholstery furniture should be removed regularly about once a week with the vacuum cleaner attachment such as the upholstery nozzle and crevice tool. If you do not have a vacuum cleaner, a soft brush will do, however it will also scatter dust around.

Tips to protect your upholstery from dust

  • Use arm and headrest covers to protect the areas against early build-up of soil from skin and hair. You can also cover your seats with seats covers to protect them from body oil.
  • Keep upholstery as dry as possible in order to prevent damages. For quick drying, open windows or turn on an electric fan or an air conditioner in the same room.

Upholstery cleaning and stain removal tips

  • If you ever need to spot clean a piece of your upholstery, be sure to use very little water. Avoid getting your upholstery wet for this will encourage mold which is unhealthy.
  • In case of any food or drinks spillage on your upholstery, wipe or blot immediately to avoid staining.
  • Ensure that your precious furniture don’t become baby cots for this can lead to unnecessary staining and even odors.
  • Keep pets off. It may be nice to snuggle up with your pet while watching movie. This contributes to the soiling of your upholstery. Pet’s fur or hair has tones of oil in it letting them on to the furniture means that the oil will transfer onto the upholstery fabric making it dirty.
  • Vacuum clean your furniture at least once every week. This will prevent dirt and sports from working their way in the upholstery.

Like most tips in cleaning, i.e stain removal tips, carpet cleaning tips, upholstery cleaning tips are rather simple but this does not mean that they are ineffective. Therefore following the basic tips should help significantly to extend the life span of your upholstery and they will always look clean thus adding life to your home. Of course no amount of cleaning tips can prevent a freak accident spill or the steady match of time.

Remember, furniture is first things seen in a home and if it looks filthy, so is the rest of your home. What’s more, upholstery is one of the things your guests will be in contact with, sitting and resting on it. To ensure their comfort, the upholstery must look, feel and smell clean and fresh. If you feel that your upholstery is getting dirty or out of control, contact us. We are more than ready to assist you in maintaining the charm of your home.

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