Homecare and your health

Your living environment affects you directly in many ways and this inevitably impacts on your health. Consequently homecare and your health go hand in hand. The equipment and detergents used to clean your home have a long term effect on your health and care should be taken that this effect is positive and not negative. Cleaning your home yourself may seem like a money saver but a lot goes into seemingly simple process that a lay person may not necessarily comprehend.
The world is going green and there is an incessant emphasis on the use of eco-friendly products. These are products that are healthy not just for you but also for the environment you live in. This said homecare service companies put a lot of thought in to what materials, tools and chemicals they bring along to clean your home. Any hiccups and the delicate balance between homecare and your health may be upset to your own family’s detriment.

Detergents, soaps and tools

A legitimate homecare service company will have experienced professionals who have intricate knowledge of chemicals and how they affect health. This is why cleaning your own carpets, couches, cars and curtains may not be a wise option after all. The cheaper and stronger the better is an option that many consider viable when purchasing detergents in Kenyan supermarkets. The question they fail to ask themselves is why such a seemingly strong detergent would be so cheap. Your homecare professional may be slightly expensive compared to a D-I-Y kit but you can be certain that they will not leave any harmful fumes or allergy inducing residue in your home.

Homecare protects you and your loved ones

Let’s face it, most homes in Nairobi and the wider Kenyan population does not have a vacuum cleaner. This means that the carpets and other dust absorbing furnishings cannot be cleaned on a daily basis. The amount of dust that accumulates in these home items is quite substantial and has the ability to cause lung problems and even harbor dust mites. Therefore cleaning your own carpets for instance exposes you to both of these health hazards and more so if you do not have protective gear to use. A cleaning company however knows that homecare and your health are inseparable and so they will use cleaning methods that protect you and your family from these harmful conditions.

Stress and workload

Homecare and your health is more than just harmful products and hazardous environmental conditions. Cleaning can be very stress inducing especially if it is done on a large scale. Stress is one of the leading causes of hypertension, cardiac arrests and psychological trauma in Kenya today. It may seem unlikely to most people but repetitive stress caused by overworking in the office and at home can be very dangerous. Leaving no free time to relax after a hard week’s work at the office may just earn you your express ticket to the hospital. When you hire professional cleaning services you get time to relax your body and your mind and just have a little fun. Your health should come first at all times and that is why a professional cleaning service number is an important contact for every family to have on speed dial.

Article summary

This article provides useful information about the relationship between homecare and your health. It elucidates three ways through which unskilled homecare can affect health negatively.

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