Carpet cleaning in Nairobi

Carpet cleaning is a service that is gaining more and more popularity in Nairobi and its environs. There are many types of carpet cleaning services in Nairobi and what a client chooses depends on a number of factors including preference, location and availability of financial resource. Carpet cleaning requires skill and expertise because there are different types of carpets and they are made from different types of materials. Poor cleaning methods may lead to damage of the delicate carpet fibers and this makes your carpet lose its aesthetic value. To fully understand the options available for carpet cleaning in Nairobi, here are a few types of cleaning services available in the city.

Manual Cleaning

Carpet cleaning in Nairobi targets people of all backgrounds. Not everyone who owns a carpet can afford to buy a vacuum cleaner along with it and so they seek out alternative cleaning options. There are manual laborers who offer manual carpet cleaning in Nairobi at a fee. All they usually do is set up shop near estates or simply a sign with a contact number advertising their services. Some even walk around offering door to door services. These cleaners only need a brush and some detergent to scrub your carpet clean. Their services are often quite affordable.

Professional Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaners in Nairobi have a more established business setup compared to their manual cleaning counterparts. Most often than not you will find that they have an office building where they employ workers who do the cleaning, keep financial records and take client calls. Professional carpet cleaning in Nairobi can be done in one of two ways. First, some companies do the cleaning at the carpet owner’s residence and only leave after the job is done and the carpet is laid back in its original position. The other way is for the carpet owner to deliver the carpet to the business premise where it is worked on and the owner picks it up after the cleaning process is over. These services are more costly than the manual cleaning services because a lot goes into the cleaning process. They use carpet shampoo, wet vacuum cleaners and other implements that ensure your carpet looks as good as new by the time it is done.

Self Cleaning

Although this is not a commercial option, it is an option for many residents of Nairobi. Many people still believe in rolling up their sleeves one Saturday morning and scrubbing their carpets outside before hanging them to dry. It may work but carpets cleaned this way do not last too long because the wear and tear of poor cleaning methods takes a toll on the fibers. It is also time consuming and you spend a lot of energy doing the scrubbing. Unlike with professional cleaning, your carpet cannot dry out the same day and be ready for use by evening. Sometimes, depending on the weather, you may have to wait for a number of days before you can use your carpet again.

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This article provides readers with information about carpet cleaning services in Nairobi. It mainly focuses on the types of carpet cleaning services available in the city.

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