Institutional cleaning services in Nairobi

Most institutions serve a specific and very particular purpose such as education, healthcare provision, governance and many more. This means that such buildings serve very many clients every single day and as such gets very dirty. Negligence about hygiene in such buildings can lead to serious health problems caused by communicable diseases. Institutional cleaning services in Nairobi provide high standard of cleanliness for these buildings to ensure that they remain habitable and safe for those using them. Apart from infection hazards and disease prone conditions, institutional buildings also experience a lot of wear and tear. The heavy traffic they handle each day exposes them to various damages on the floors, walls and even sanitary facilities. To fully understand what institutional cleaning services are about, here a few facts you should know.

What to expect from institutional cleaning services in Nairobi

1. Institutional laundry cleaning – premises like hospitals usually handle a lot of laundry, including bed sheets, blankets, curtains, patients uniforms and staff uniforms. There are also reusable protective clothes used by the workers and other members of staff. These cannot be cleaned manually and dried in time for patients to have clean linen and clothes on a daily basis. Institutional cleaning services handle this.
2. Cleaning of access points such as elevators, lobbies, escalators, and even staircases may be a cumbersome task in an institution. Institutional cleaning services are ideal for these sections of a building to make them safe and hazard free for all user.
3. Floor maintenance – Floors are a vital part of any building. They have to be taken care of very keenly not just to keep the building looking pristine but also to prevent accidents that may arise if they remain neglected.
4. Upholstery, carpet and car cleaning – these services are offered by institutional cleaning services in Nairobi to ensure that time is always conserved. Cleaning companies do this kind of work faster and more thoroughly compared to manual labor.
5. Washroom maintenance – needless to say, washrooms in busy buildings handle quite a bit of traffic and without proper, professional maintenance they soon malfunction. The best way to go about keeping them up and running is by hiring institutional cleaning services available in Nairobi.
6. Window cleaning – Most institutions are adopting a modern or contemporary look for their offices. This often means large glass windows that let in a lot of light and fresh air. Some even partition offices using large glass walls. These windows have to be cleaned because with time they gather dust and dried rain spots. Institutional cleaning helps you to ensure that your windows are glossy and spotless.
7. Office cleaning – Institutions often have several offices within one building and over time they gather dust and a lot of dirt. Institutional cleaning services in Nairobi helps keep such offices clean by vacuuming carpets and shampoo washing them, cleaning window and window sills, maintaining the paint on walls, cobweb removal if any, and sometimes carpet replacement. A clean office is healthy for the employees and also for clients.

Article summary

This article talks about institutional cleaning services in Nairobi. It provides the reader with information about the services they can expect from cleaning services for institutions.

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