General Home Cleaning Made Easier

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The importance of general home cleaning cannot be over emphasized. The beauty and safety of your home is enhanced by the general cleaning that you do inside and around it so the more general cleaning you do, the better your house looks and the safer it is for you and your loved ones. Most people in Nairobi misconstrue general cleaning to mean mopping floors, washing dirty clothes and cleaning dishes. Now while this kind of cleaning is important, it is simply not comprehensive enough. Here are 3 general cleaning tips that will leave your home looking, smelling and feeling good.

Have a checklist before you start

Before you embark on any journey you must know where you are headed. The same goes for general cleaning. Before beginning your cleaning write down areas of your home that you have noticed getting dirty. This list will not only help you work expeditiously but also enable you to cater for all the areas that require cleaning. Setting achievable is the key to succeeding at anything you do so make a list of cleaning goals and tick as you go. Allocate time for each section or room to avoid wasting time.

Delegate duties when possible

General cleaning in your home can be a cumbersome task if you do it all by yourself. It can however turn into a fun bonding activity for you and your loved ones if you share duties. From your checklist let some members of your home take some of the responsibility and you will be done in no time.

Avoid pile-ups

To make general cleaning in your home manageable and fun, always try to avoid pile ups. After you stir that cup of milk give the spoon a quick rinse. After soaking in the tub give it a scrub and rinse off. It’s the little ‘heres and theres’ that will make your home eternally clean with hardly any heavy duty general cleaning.

Important points to remember when doing general cleaning:

  1. home-cleaning-smallElectronics are usually left out when it comes to general home cleaning. Ensure that you wipe out all the dust that may have settled on them over time as this may cause allergies and other illnesses in your home
  2. Cupboards and closets need re-arranging from time to time. They also hide cobwebs that may harbor spiders. Remove their contents for aeration and wipe them clean before rearranging them.
  3. Clean out the floor under area rugs and carpets as dust collects in such places after a while.
  4. When cleaning the bedrooms, push the beds aside and clean the areas underneath. Ignoring such areas can lead to serious health implications.
  5. As much as possible use environmentally friendly cleaning products in your home during general cleaning
  6. Home cleaning includes the areas outside your walls e.g. gardens and lawns. Tend to these too.


Nairobi residents often get caught up in the busy life that is characteristic of big cities and this makes general home cleaning quite difficult. When there is simply no time to do the chores, there are several professional home cleaning companies that can come to your rescue. Call on Isamado Homecare and have general cleaning done professionally just for you.

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