How to keep your toilets dazzling white all year round


Think of the five star hotel you have been to….I don’t know about you but I usually wish I could stay in the toilet forever just sitting and taking in the purity exuded by the whiteness. Oh well, sooner or later you have to check out and get back to your own toilet at home which may not be so…well…pure and white. Believe it or not it is possible to get the dazzling out of your porcelain toilets. Porcelain becomes dull and cream looking when it is not cleaned regularly and also due to minerals that exist in the water you flush down the toilet. Residue from the water makes the white color a sickly cream that leaves you scared to even sit on your own toilet. Contrary to popular belief you do not need expensive cleaning detergents and stain removers to leave your toilet shining and shimmering. Here are a few tips that will help you retain the whiteness in your toilet porcelain.

Step 1

Before you begin cleaning you will need to wet the inside of the toilet bowl. Flush water to do this then sprinkle coon baking soda all round including under the rim as this hides most of the residue from the water.

Step 2

As the baking soda holds onto the porcelain put some lemon juice in a bottle so that you can spray it through the nozzle. You can clean an empty bottle that has a spray function at the tip and use it. You should then spray the lemon juice all round the same areas where you spread the baking soda. Whatever chemistry you may still have left over from high school will inform you that acids and bases react. The acid here is of course the lemon juice and the base is the baking soda. The reaction between these two will produce a fizz and foam. Let this stew for up to two hours depending on how dirty and stained your toilet is.

Step 3

Take your toilet brush and scrub the toilet very well. If you can use a hand brush the better because it will allow you to reach areas that a toilet brush might miss. If you are cleaning a really dirty toilet used by others then you might want to use gloves. If the stains do not come off completely you can repeat this process again. Alternatively you can make it a daily routine till you get the desired results then make it a weekly routine.

Step 4

Most toilets have plastic seats and covers. Use hot water to wipe these areas down. To be thorough you can mix a little bleach with some warm water and wipe all round including down to the base of the toilet.

Step 5

Cleaning the toilet, thoroughly, once a week is great. If you can though, always give your toilet a scrub at the end of each day with some little detergent. This will reduce the build-up of residue and give you an easy time during thorough cleaning days.

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