Pest Control – How to keep spiders out of your home

There are many types of pests that invade the home. Some are rodents, others are insects and others are Araneae like spiders. Spiders are interesting to read about, look at in museums or even learn about on the discovery channel but there is nothing even remotely interesting about spiders lurking about in your living space. It is simply scary and chilling. Not only do they make your home look unsightly with insect ridden cobwebs hanging from every conceivable corner but they also keep you on the edge wondering when one is going to crawl on your back as you sleep at night. This is not the kind of home anyone wants and so when spiders strike you must strike back. Generally these pests prefer the outdoors but once in a while you will find those that have found their way inside your home. Here are a few ways of getting rid of them.

Vacuum them away

vacuum cleaningYour vacuum cleaner is a great way to get this eight legged pests out of your home without having to touch any disgusting cobwebs. Vacuum up all the corners where they live, dark areas of your home, cupboards and closets and behind fixtures you have in the home. They also live under your couch so you might want to vacuum that too. Do this as often as possible to help you deal efficiently with spider menace in your home.


Residual Insecticide

insecticide sprayInsecticide always works as long as you follow the instructions to the letter. These types of insecticides stay where you have sprayed them and will only kill the spiders if they happen to drag themselves over the sprayed spot. If they do not then it will not work. You may want to ask the professionals at the store to help you out with choice in order to find one that will actually take care of your spider problem.


This is by far the best way to deal with a bad spider problem. If you have just one or two spiders it is not the best option because the cost will be outrageous. Exterminators are only called when every single effort you have made to get rid of the spiders has proved futile. They come with tools of their trade and take care of your problems for you. They might use very strong chemicals so be sure to ask whether you will need leave home for a while.

Clearing Vegetation

Spiders are drawn to homes for many reasons. Sometimes it is simply because the home is the nearest cozy shelter next to the shrub or tree they live in. if you have too many plants and vegetation growing on the perimeter of your home you might want to clear them out. These are habitats for spiders and they use your home as an extension.

Turn the lights off

porch lights turned onPorch lights may just be the reason why you have a spider problem. Spiders do not like light really but they like the insects that come to your porch as a result of the light. If you need security lights at night you can have them further away from the house. This will keep away the spider food and hence the spiders.


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