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Insecurity in Kenya

It is of great importance in these modern times for each individual to look into their safety and security especially in their homes. There are several ways to improve your safety and security as a home owner and this article will further explore tips you can make use of to stay safe.

  • While going away, do not advertise that you are gone: The first thing a burglar looks for when finding a house to rob are signs of life, if the home is empty and if they will face any resistance.
  • Make it hard to break into: Do not leave windows or doors unlocked, if you have keys hidden outside the house, keep them in places that would be hard to locate. If possible, ensure that your home is fitted with solid metal doors secured with deadbolt locks to keep the thieves from gaining entry into the home.You can also make sure your windows are fitted with metal grilles
  • Don’t give them a place to hide: A burglar is more likely to try and get into a home if they can find good spots to hide in, removing any traces of cover will aid in protecting your home. Thieves hide in shrubs and behind trees, it is therefore essential to trim or remove any shrubbery near windows or doors, you can also choose thorned plants near these entries as a deterrent from entry. There should be outside lighting especially at doors, this is not only helpful in discouraging burglars, it also helps one view what is going on outside their home
  • Install security measures: These measures are not an extreme guarantee against burglary but they go a long way in helping keep the home safe. By increasing the risk that the burglar will have to take in order to break in these methods will eliminate your home as a target. Choose security systems such as an alarm system, security guards or packs of trained dogs, make sure to have signs that show the home is protected.
  • Know your neighbors: This can be a rather helpful measure in securing your home, knowing your neighbors allows for each to be on the lookout for the other. It is important to keep in contact with neighbors as they can alert you if they see or hear anything strange and this will aid in making sure you are aware of your surroundings to watch for suspicious behavior.
  • Teach those living with you about security measures: This goes for family members and especially children and house helps who may fall victim to preying burglars. You must teach children and house helps not to admit strangers into the home or open doors to talk to them. Children should also know emergency numbers from which to contact an adult that can help and they must also learn appropriate responses in case of emergencies such a fire outbreak or gas leak.
  • Other general measures: Enlighten your children including teenage once on the dangers of going to strange places with stranger or people they do not know well. This will help reduce kidnapping or even rape cases.
    Teach children how to answer phone calls in order not to reveal delicate information to strangers.
  • Safe practices: Have a safe in the home or a less accessible area, not known to many in the home where you store important items. Make sure it is well hidden and less likely to be found in case of a robbery.
    These are just a few tips one can make use of to keep your home safe and less likely to be targeted in a burglary, so make use of these handy tips and be safe.
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