Upholstery Cleaning Tips For Car Seats

If you are someone who uses their car regularly you will find that over time the interior gets quite dirty and requires thorough cleaning. Well the simplest way to solve this problem would obviously be to take it to a professional car wash and have someone who is actually experienced in car washing to do it for you. It does not have to be this way however. While car wash facilities are very important and undoubtedly the best for your car’s cleaning, you need to know the basics when it comes to making your car look fresh. Here are a few upholstery cleaning tips that will help you clean your car seats and other interior parts well.
1.    Always refer to the manual – car manufacturers know that at one point or another you are going to attempt to clean your car seats so they usually include a manual for cleaning the interior. After reading, take further precaution by trying out the cleaning agents in hidden sections to see if any damage occurs. If none does then you are on the right track.
2.    Vacuum with caution – Vacuuming the car may sound easy but it is very unlike vacuuming your carpets at home. The car seats have crevices everywhere that hide a lot of dust and debris. Always remember to blow air lightly into these areas so that the power is just enough to expose the dirt. After they come out you can now vacuum them up. Blowing at full power will remove the dust yes but then it will blow it all over the place making your work difficult.
3.    Be innovative – Cleaning implements are not always as effective as they should be and this is why you must be innovative when cleaning your car interior. The car seats have some very hard to clean places for instance the joinery between the back rest and the seat. You can use the soft bristles of a toothbrush or even a clean paintbrush to get these out. They are tiny enough to get out the dust without destroying the car seat material.
4.    Focus on the dirty spots – many people forget that the seat belt is a vital part of the car seat. There is no single time you will use your car seat and not use your seat belt unless you have a death wish. The car seat usually becomes discolored and dusty over time if it not taken care of properly. Focus on them and make sure they are squeaky clean to keep your car seats looking fabulous. The section between your legs where your coffee or juice sometimes spills as you “drink and drive” is one of the dirtiest spots on your car. The headrest comes second. Ensure that these spots receive extra attention.
5.    Always be gentle – Your car is a very expensive investment. You do not want to ruin it by being extremely rough when cleaning it. Even when you take it to a car wash, make sure they are professionals who have the right cleaning implements otherwise you will find damages in your car interior after a while.

Article Summary
Cleaning cars is best left to the professionals although it doesn’t hurt to know a thing or two about car cleaning. This article provides the reader with information on how to clean car seats effectively

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