Tips on Mattress Care

The following tips will help keep your mattress clean and comfortable, protecting and prolonging its life.

  • Turn your mattress: because we tend to sleep on the same part of a mattress, we cause uneven wear of the mattress springs. To protect your mattress and prolong its life, and keep your nights comfortable, and your back painless, rotate the mattress once every month in the first three months after you buy it, then after that once every three months. During the first turn, rotate the mattress 180 degree clockwise sideways; during the second turn, simply flip it over up side down from the wide side. For the third turn simply repeat the first turn, and for the fourth turn simply repeat the second turn. For subsequent turns simply keep repeating these two turns in intervals of three months.
  • Cover your mattress: cover it with a mattress cover fabric that you can regularly wash. This keeps your mattress from dust and other dirt, as well as stains.
  • A mattress is not a playing field: if your children pay all sorts of games on your mattress, freely jumping on it, the springs will get weak, and soon your back will start complaining. Encourage them to instead play on the carpet.
  • Avoid the following that can damage your mattress: excessive heat such as ironing or placing very near sources of heat such as fire; bending a spring mattress – the springs can get damaged.
  • Cleaning your mattress: wet a piece of cloth with detergent and remove any stains or visible dirt, without soaking. For deep cleaning, contact a professional mattress cleaner.
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