How to choose a suitable cleaning service

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If you are like the average household, dealing with work, family, and other priorities can make cleaning your home properly a challenge and one that you’d sooner avoid. Thousands of cleaning services have cropped up all over the world, ready and willing to do the work for you. Because there are so many companies available, knowing how to choose and hire a house cleaning service can seem like an overwhelming task, but with a few rules of thumb and a firm understanding of what to expect, you can pick the best option.
The following are the ideal steps to follow:

Prioritize areas that need cleaning

You must first decide what areas in your home need some extra attention; if you want the cleaning focused in certain areas or an all out general cleaning. Once you figure out what you need done you can build a list of requirements that you can use to narrow down candidates for the job depending on what each company offers in their range of services.

Research and get referrals

Ask family, friends, or neighbors for referrals. Choosing a cleaning service is like choosing a doctor, you have to get a credible company to get the job done to your level of satisfaction. Research is important in making any decisions and the same goes for a cleaning service; you must find what suits you and your needs.

Watch for credibility and insurance

Eliminate any companies that are not credible or insured; this is important as you need a company that is liable for any losses or damage to property incurred during the cleaning process, if you opt for a company that lacks these then the responsibility will be yours as the owner of the home. Any reputable cleaning company will be happy to provide proof of insurance; it is only right for you to enjoy peace of mind throughout the process so choose a company that will make this possible.

Consider what is suitable for your needs

Should you hire an individual or service? There are pros and cons to each choice and you must evaluate these before settling on one provider. The pros for hiring an individual is the personalized attention to detail they will offer while the cons of hiring an individual include, if they become ill; there isn’t a back-up team to take their place. The pros of hiring a service is they have a team of service people, so the likelihood of a cancellation is minimal, this also helps in ensuring they do a thorough job while cons include their lack of personalized attention.

The screen test

If possible ask for a consultation with potential candidates to familiarize yourself with them and find out if you can establish rapport and work with them. This is also done to go through the work you would like done and find out if they can provide what is needed and how much it could cost you.

Find out cleaning detail

Ask the cleaners what kind of chemicals the service uses during its cleaning process. It is important to let them know if you have children, pets, or allergies so that they can know what requirements to follow and ensure they cater to these needs.


Don’t be afraid to give the service you hire instructions. It may seem intrusive to give a handful of instructions to the cleaners; this only gives them guidance on how you would prefer your work done. This will ensure you are satisfied.


First, do an overall assessment. How does the home look after cleaning? It should be apparent that there has been a major cleanup project, it’s also important to look in areas that most people would not clean to find out if these have been catered to for example under beds, window boxes, check the corners of the rooms and up against the walls; everything should be gleaming

Should there be a problem-

If you’re unhappy with the quality of the cleaning job, try to rectify it by speaking with the cleaner directly. The problem may be as simple as unclear instructions.

If this approach proves unsuccessful, call the company and speak with a supervisor clearly outlining your concerns. Take photographs so you are able to provide concrete examples of the areas where your cleaning expectations are not being met.

If you are unable to satisfactorily resolve any issues with your cleaning provider, it’s time to move on. You’re paying for a service and have a right to expect it to be performed as you desire.

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