Seat cleaning in Nairobi

nairobi seat upholstery cleaning

We sit on them, lie down on them, prop ourselves up on them, eat on them and do a myriad of other things on them. I am talking about our seats. Think about it…how many times have you had the occasional guest who sleeps on the couch? Or the pet who constantly jumps onto the seat just to take a snooze? How many times have you sat on your couch to watch a movie then ended up sleeping because the movie was too long and you were just too tired? Our seats take a lot of ‘beating’ from us and this is precisely why they should be cleaned religiously.

Nairobi is a clean town but it has its share of dust not just during the dry spells but also from the dozens of construction sites scattered all over town. Your seats absorb all this into its folds and layers of material. Try slapping the cushions on your seats and you might not believe the amount of dust that will come out billowing in a dark brown cloud. Cleaning your seats is vital not just because dirty seats affect your health but also because the durability and beauty of your seats fades with accumulation of dirt.

General Seat Cleaning

Seat cleaning should be done comprehensively every so often. The frequency with which you clean your seats depends on your environment, the type of seats you have and the people who constitute your household. A home with several children and teenagers for instance will need regular thorough cleaning for its seats compared to a home that has just a couple living in it. Also velvet seats take in a lot more dust than leather seats for instance because of their varying levels of porosity.

There are two types of cleaning you can do for your seat. First you can go over the arms, legs and other areas with a damp cloth (depending on the material) everyday or every other day. This can be included in the general cleaning itinerary for your home. You can also do thorough cleaning which is more vigorous although this can be done after two months or so depending on your circumstances. Thorough cleaning will involve removing the cushion covers by removing them from the cushions if need be. The back, arm rests and folds of the seat are cleaned out thoroughly using water, detergent and all other necessary equipment.

Virtually anyone can do general seat cleaning. Thorough and comprehensive seat cleaning however may be difficult and time consuming so it may be prudent to hire a cleaning company to do this for you. A cleaning company will know how to remove stubborn stains and reach the hardest to access areas on your seat to rid the entire seat of all filth and dirt. There are several advantages to having your seat cleaned professionally and they include the following;

–         You save on time

–         The cleaning is done to the specifications of your seat type and material

–         Stubborn stains and other hard to remove dirt is removed

–         Damage to the seat is minimized because the right implements are used for cleaning.

Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Cleaning wooden furniture can be a challenge especially for a first timer. Not to worry, here are a few tips and tricks that you can use next time you need to clean and spruce up your wooden furniture.

  1. Nairobi Furniture CleaningUse varnish or wax- this restores the gleam on the wood and lift off the dust that may have settled on the surface. Lemon oil on a damp cloth can work wonders on your wooden seats.
  2. As part of the cleaning process, freshen up paint on areas where the paint has scrapped off.
  3. Kids can get naughty and leave crayon marks all over your wooden table. You can erase these using mayonnaise or laundry starch (dry kind).
  4. Candle wax almost always finds its way onto our wooden furniture. To remove dry wax use your hair driers hot setting. Hold it some inches away from the surface and after it melts blot it out with tissues or absorbent paper.
  5. Never pour large amounts of water onto wooden furniture as this may seep into the wood and cause stains. It may also cause blistering if the surface is painted or waxed.
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