Home Cleaning Tips


Just as it is important to bathe and brush teeth daily in order to be clean and healthy, your home must be a clean haven too. All throughout our childhood, we are taught about the importance of being neat and tidy through chores given to us by our parents; this may seem a nag at the time but they are laying the foundations for a clean and healthy future.
The home is where the family bonds, a sanctuary of sorts where each member comes back each day, either from work, or from school. It is a place for relaxation, bonding, fun and all the things that a close comfortable zone can build.

We must strive to keep a clean home that we are comfortable to reside in and there are various reasons for this ranging from the fact that a neat home has aesthetic appeal, a clean home has a significant link to a less stressed home-owner as your environment affects your mood, less breeding ground for disease, it is much easier to clean in a short amount of time when in a hurry and you can always find things when you need them.

Quick Cleaning Tips

home cleaning productsIn view of the above, how often then should you clean your home? Ideally you should not wait for the dirt to accumulate and clutter to become too much before you are forced to clean up. If you clean a bit each day or once to twice a week then you cut down on dirt, time wastage and work done while cleaning.

To give you a few tips on how to keep your home in tip-top order we suggest having room by room checklist to ensure that you are cleaning regularly, keeping the home neat and all this without taking on a massive and stressful spring cleaning project. This is not the only way one can use to keep their home in check but it can give you a rough idea on how to tackle the issue.

Cleaning the Kitchen

In the kitchen always start with the sink, do not leave dishes piled up and waiting to be washed as a clean sink will inspire you to keep up the hygiene and tidiness throughout the room. To avoid buildup of grime on the counter surfaces and stove, wipe them down after a day of use to keep it from accumulating. Then ensure to sweep and wipe the floor to avoid leaving food debris that could attract pets as this is potentially harmful to your health.

Cleaning the Bathroom

In the bathroom, make cleaning the basin or shower as routine as washing your hands. But
don’t stop there. Make note of the sink and toilet as these areas breed bacteria too, wash and wipe thoroughly and regularly, making sure to use suitable and effective detergents, brushes and other tools. All surfaces too must be wiped and ensure to keep the bathroom de-cluttered and aired out to avoid mold and breeding of bacteria due to musty and moist items left around.

Cleaning the Bedroom

In the bedroom make sure to leave your bed made each morning as this is an important part of the room that can inspire the whole image and style of a bedroom. On those days where you arrive home tired and seeking the comfort of your warm and comfortable bed.

Cleaning the Living Room

In the living room ensure the couch is presentable, fluff out the pillows and arrange them in neat and aesthetically appealing order. Sweep the floor and wipe it not forgetting the surfaces where you have books, photo frames, ornaments and other items on display. Straighten the coffee tables, put away the books and magazines on the shelf and throw out all things that bring an untidy and cluttered room. Make cleaning a fun experience by putting on some good music to listen to and to give you some psyche as you clean.


From our list you can see that quick cleaning is within your reach, you just have to do it in small and manageable bits. Perhaps, like the Jetson family, someday in the near future, we will get our own robot maid, Rosie, to do our housecleaning for us. However, until then, we will need to do it ourselves or if too busy then you can hire the services of a cleaning and home care companies in the country.


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