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The internet is filled with articles about how to clean this and how to wash that but very few interesting or fun facts about the subject of cleaning. Injecting a little bit of fun into an otherwise drab activity like cleaning can turn it into a fun activity for the whole family. Below is a collection of facts that you may not have known about cleaning but which are guaranteed to turn cleaning time into a therapeutic and fun time.

1.Ketchup cleans and polishes

Tomato ketchup

You know that sweet, savory, red jell-like substance you add to your potato fries? Well turns out it is not just good for eating. Ketchup is a great product for cleaning and polishing around the home too! If you have doors with brass handles they may have lost their shine over time. Well, worry no more. Dab a little ketchup onto a cloth and polish away. You will have your shiny brass handles back in no time at all. Ketchup also removes rust stains on fabric so if you have that beautiful top you love but can’t wear because of the ugly rust stain just add a little ketchup and hand-scrub.




2.Kitchen sink versus toilet


Which of these two above do you suppose is cleaner than the other? I am certain you guessed kitchen sink. Well you are woefully wrong. Your kitchen sink is by far the dirtiest place in your home. You are better off licking your toilet seat (as disgusting as it sounds) than picking up a morsel of food that has dropped into the sink in your kitchen. Make sure the kids learn this one!




3.Leather shoes and bananas


Ok I know this title seems weird and unlikely but believe it or not next time you are about to go to that crucial meeting but find out you have run out of polish for your leather shoes, reach into your fruit basket and grab a banana. Bananas give leather shoes as good a polish as any commercial product and you do not have to withstand the pungent smell that polish gives off. The other cleaning benefit of bananas is for silver. If you have dull silverware lying around the house give it a good scrub with a banana dabbed cloth and you will be pleasantly surprised.




4.Gender imbalance in cleaning


We will keep this one short and sweet; on average a woman cleans for approximately 13,000 hours in her entire lifetime. Wonder how many hours men clean for….?





5.World Rating


The cleanest country in the entire world is Iceland.






6.Recycling soaps


Whenever you use bar soaps there is always the last bit that you really cannot hold in your hand because it is too tiny or too thin. Collect these tit bits of soap over time then let them dry up and break them into tiny pieces. Bring them to the boil in a pan with a little water and stir continuously. When they have mixed up properly pour into a plastic container and let cool. Pop it out of the container and you have a whole new bar of soap.

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