Maids and Housekeepers in Nairobi

Isamado Homecare will provide you with Professional Househelp Services tailored to suit your domestic care needs.

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Each Isamado Housekeeper is a person you can trust. Our housekeepers have been carefully selected through our recruitment process that includes due diligence

Isamado Homecare will provide you with Professional Maid services to help you with your domestic care needs here in Nairobi, Kenya. A Professional Maid will come to your home when you need her/him, undertake the assigned housekeeping tasks, and then leave (the maid will not live in your home), giving you the privacy you need. If you prefer a live-in domestic assistant, let us know and we will find a suitable one for you. #BeSmart #DontHassle

Our aim as a company is to enable you Live Life Hassle Free, so that you can focus on what you truly value in life, here in Nairobi, Kenya. We will use the process below to get you the domestic / housekeeping support you need: #LiveFree 

  1. Call us or fill the inquiry form at the bottom of this page.
  2. We undertake Onsite Assessment with you to determine the Scope of Work and number of Isamado Professional Maids / Housekeepers / Househelps needed to deliver the services you need.
  3. We sign a Service Agreement with you outlining the Scope of Work and Terms and Conditions.
  4. You begin receiving the agreed upon Professional Maid / Housekeeping Services.

Each Isamado Professional Maid / Housekeeper / Househelp has been trained to provide you with the highest possible quality of domestic care services including nanny services and is supervised to ensure set home care standards are fulfilled. Our sister company Isamado Homecare Training Institute also located in Nairobi, Kenya enables us equip our professional maids with general as well as tailor made skills depending on your specific requirements. In addition, each Isamado maid is a person you can trust, because he or she has been carefully selected through our thorough recruitment process. Services offered by Isamado Housekeepers in Nairobi, Kenya include:

  • General Home Cleaning
  • Home laundry
  • Ironing
  • Cooking
  • Kitchen dishes
  • Taking care of your children / nanny services
  • Grocery shopping
  • Walking your pet

….and other domestic chores based on your domestic care needs. Simply tell us what you need to get done here in Nairobi, Kenya, and we will deliver.  

You can request for Isamado Professional Maid / Housekeeping / Househelp Service as regularly as your needs are. For example once a month, once a week, twice a week, thrice a week, or even every day service. See table below for pricing. Our rates are value for money for you. For example it will cost you only Ksh 5,300 per month to have one Isamado professional maid provide you with support one day each week (i.e 4 times a month). #LiveFree 

Pricing Table
SchedulePrice per month (KSH)
One day each week5300
Two days each week10500
Three days each week15600
Four days each week20700
Five days each week25600
Six days each week30500
One day each month1900
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Reasons why you should request an Isamado Professional maid
Home Cleaning

Our house-helps can take care of all your home cleaning duties.

Child Care

Isamado housekeepers are trained in child care.


Save time by letting our housekeepers handle your shopping errands.

Pet Care

Have pets? We will take care of them too.